About Us

The Bearded Man Coffee team came together in Sedalia, CO with a common passion for creating specialty coffee and having a community impact. We focus all of our efforts on responsibly sourcing, meticulously roasting, and consistently providing the best coffee to our customers.

We created Bearded Man Coffee to embody the spirit of freedom, nature, and possibility. It's  the contentment you feel living according to your own rules and keeping what’s important close to you. It's more than just coffee; we believe in exploring our outdoors, enjoying the peacefulness of deer grazing off in the distance, and the silence you feel when no one is talking. It is this connection of coffee and nature that makes us unique.

For us there is nothing greater than that first sip of coffee to begin a morning adventure. It's a time for bonding with loved ones and teaching our youth to preserve the world they have been brought into. For this reason, we are proud to donate 5% of each bag of coffee sold to the National Forest Foundation. For every $1 donated, the NFF will plant a tree, ensuring that every generation will get the chance to experience the majestic awes of nature.

We put this same passion into every bag of coffee we roast. Our Coffee is roasted in Sedalia, CO at 6000 feet, because we know that fresh air and altitude make everything that much better.

The beginning
For years, spending time at a ranch in Sedalia, CO has been a staycation of sorts for Landon. Enjoying the open space, clean air, array of wildlife, and of course the mountain roasted coffee Chad had been perfecting for the past 9 years, has been nothing short of paradise. Wanting to share the lifestyle with a longtime friend, Landon brought Jay out to Sedalia to meet Chad in the fall of 2017. After many cups of coffee, fishing stories and talking about their passions it was clear that the three of them were destined to be in business together. Sharing the same core values, love for great coffee and the outdoors, it was a match made in…well Sedalia, CO. These passions and the drive to bring this great coffee to the consumer are how Bearded Man Coffee was born. The rest has yet to be written. Stay tuned and welcome to our journey. 


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