Our Cause

We at Bearded Man coffee believe passionately in the right to enjoy and the obligation to preserve our natural and wild places for today, as well as for future generations. For every bag of coffee we make we want to create a positive impact. We support the National Forest Foundation and we also support our local Fire Department, Police along with other worthy causes in the community.

About the National Forest Foundation
When you support the National Forest Foundation (NFF), you join forces with dozens of communities, hundreds of local organizations, and thousands of individuals working to conserve and restore our National Forests and Grasslands. Your gift helps ensure a sustainable future for the many resources our National Forests and Grasslands provide to us all - fresh air and clean water, recreational experiences, diverse wildlife, and wild places to roam.

The National Forest Foundation is undertaking an ambitious effort to plant 50 million trees across our National Forests by 2023. This is a big goal, but it’s possible with your help.